Cellini's Menus

Experience homemade Italian food from recipes that have been passed down through the generations.
V symbol means vegetarian.

Main courses are served with vegetables and potatoes of the day.


Salad with fruit and octopus


Salad with cheese, fruit and nuts


Spaghetti and meatballs


Rissotto with mushrooms and asparagus


Salmon with asparagus and cherry tomatoes


Steak with mixed vegetables

* Parties of 6 or more 18% gratuity included

** Minimum per person is $35.00

*** Eating raw or undercooked fish, shellfish, eggs, meat, cheese, or unpasteurized cheese increases the risk of foodborne Illness. Although efforts will be made to accommodate food allergies, we cannot guarantee meeting your needs. If you have a food allergy, please speak to the manager, chef, or server

"A meal without wine, is like a day without sunshine."

Italian Whites

Italian Reds

California Whites

California Reds

"Those who drink beer, will live one hundred years, but those who drink wine, will never die."

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